The Student Depot

Thank you for visiting our Student Depot.  Below are some of the items that we are collecting to help support the students in our community.  The Student Depot is open the 2nd Saturday of each month and is located in Heritage United Methodist Church.  If you are interested in either donating items or helping to volunteer on a Saturday, you can contact us at

- Pens and Pencils                                    - Notebooks

- Lined Paper                                            - Folders

 - Pencil Sharpener                                  - Notecards

- Eraser                                                      - Tissues

- Chapstick                                               - Flashdrive

- Toothbrush                                            - Hairbrush

- Comb                                                      - Hairbands/Hair ties

- Toothpaste                                             - Deodorant

- Mints                                                       - Snack Items

- Feminine Products

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