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We understand the importance of providing our children with the proper start to be successful for the future.  One Step Ministries is dedicated to providing for the needs of children and youth of all ages. 

To ensure that children have the proper foundation, we have started Nature's Path Academy, a school for ages 6 weeks - preK as well as an after school program for elementary ages.

Crew 412

Today it is important for youth to have a place where they can safely hangout with their friends, explore interests and connect with caring mentors.

One Step Ministries is in the beginning stage of crafting a plan for teen centers that would address this need.

If you would be interested in helping with this process, please contact us to see where you an be involved!

Children at School
The Student Depot

We are dedicated to making sure that every child is provided with what they need to be successful both at school and for life.

This is why we created the Student Depot.  Students can visit the depot and receive such items as school supplies, hygiene items and other things to help fill the gaps where their needs may not be getting met. 

Click to learn more or get involved in helping.

Fosters And Mentors (FAM)

Youth who age out of the foster care program enter an unforgiving world without a safety net.  We feel it is important for all youth to be set up for success.  To ensure this, One

Step Ministries is establishing a Mentor Program for these youth.

The Mentor Program is in its beginning stages.  To learn more or to be involved in helping to establish this program, please click the button below.​

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